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Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Review

Super Mario maker for 3ds is easy to use tools empower

your create vibrant challenging Mario levels like these with relative ease on the go and the way it quickly switches between creating and play is easily the best part but as feature-rich, as the 3ds port, it has some crippling shortcomings when it comes to sharing the stage as you make with it and playing other peoples creations with the exception of the mystery mushroom nearly every piece of Mario makers

the difference between wii u version and 3ds

the alien creation toolset is crammed into the 3ds version which you revamp with more than 60 unique tools.
that you can use to create what you want on several generations of super mario maker games, and a new tutorial mode quickly informs you about how to use them the improved offline campaign is another big plus and it takes you into a whirlwind
tour through 88 wild and wacky stages it's a jungle of creative ideas gym that
reward yourself by unlocking more tools with to make levels, it's a disappointment for you must restart unlocking if you already have the Wii U version but the offline campaign is worth following. and it also dangles an additional incentive before you in the form of difficult
stage-specific metallic challenges like this one where you have to kill all piranha crash these specific guarded tasks I come back again and where a
prerequisites to unlocking the last 12 steps once inspiration sets in from the campaign you can quickly switch to creation mode and take a closer look at these steps and see how they work you can even record your own version, and modify them with your own ideas But while Nintendo has done a great job of wear the elegant level designer from Mario from Wii U to 3ds, it comes with a few strange concession to start it for the
first time with SD card required installation that can last minutes and strangely it'll check that out additional data every time you load it means if you are in a household with

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Format: CIA
Plateforme : Nintendo 3DS
Lang :   Francais    Anglais    Allemand    Italien    Espagnol   
Sub : Francais   Anglais   Allemand   Italien   Espagnol   
Région: EURO
1 x 374 Mo374 Mo


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