Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sonic Lost World 3ds rom CIA Free Download

Description Sonic Lost World :

In his newest plan to defeat Sonic and take over the world, Dr. Eggman harnessed the power of six menacing creatures known as the mortal Six. However, when they rise up against Eggman, Sonic must unite with his archenemy and explore the lost mystical Hex to take them. Dr. Eggman is back! The cowardly doctor has outdone himself this time, harnessing the power of menacing creatures known as the mortal Six. But when they rise up against their master, Sonic and Dr. Eggman must put their rivalry aside and work together on Sonic Lost World on the Nintendo 3DS. Armed with a wide variety of moves and skills, Sonic races back to Nintendo 3DS in an action-adventure platformer. Run, jump and run through spectacular changing terrain using dynamic new parkour moves from Sonic and improved Color Powers, first seen in Sonic Colors. Sonic Lost World is the first Sonic handheld game to feature fully realized 3D levels to speed through, and includes Special Evidence and Color Powers exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. You can also face off against your friends in a variety of local and competitive online multiplayer modes. Enter exclusive Special Evidence, and tilt the Nintendo 3DS system to navigate tortuous mazes and retrieve the legendary Chaos Emeralds. Craft and customize a wide variety of radio-controlled to help Sonic

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Information File  Sonic Lost World :

Platform: 3DS / CIA
Size: 1.3GB

Download :
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