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pokemon x and y rom [decrypted 3ds/cia/3ds] [citra/3ds]

pokemon x and y rom

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Pokémon X is a video game available, on Nintendo 3DS, of role-playing genre, developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo.
Pokémon Y is a role-playing game available on Nintendo 3DS. You play as a pokemon trainer in the fictional region of Kalos, inspired by the
France. You start in the town of Bourg Croquis, and try to
become the best pokemon trainer in the world. New Pokémon Make
their appearance, including 2 legendaries, Xerneas and Yveltal. Console
brings relief in this world entirely in 3D, and
mega-evolutions are in the game.

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Format :  3ds/cia
Lang :   Francais.png Francais    Anglais.png Anglais    Allemand.png Allemand    Italien.png Italien    Espagnol.png Espagnol 
Francais.png Francais   Anglais.png Anglais   Allemand.png Allemand   Italien.png Italien   Espagnol.png Espagnol    1 x 2147 Mo2147 Mo ou 2,10 Go


decrypted 3ds:

Launch the file with the CITRA emulator

put the CIA file in your sd card then install with FBI


put the 3ds file in your sd card of your sky3dsimportant if you want other games in .cia or .3ds that are not present, do not hesitate to ask for a comment, or even just to say thank you;)


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pokemon x

pokemon y

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