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Mario and Luigi superstar saga 3ds CIA - EUR - Multi

Mario and Luigi superstar saga 3ds CIA

Mario as well as Luigi superstar saga 3ds launched on the Nintendo 3DS.

as the title is basically burglarized 2 elements-- Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga and also Bowsers Minions--.

we assumed we would certainly review each independently.

Today, we are looking at the leisure of the Gameboy Advanced classic RPG title.
Is getting it on the 3DS only to replay this timeless adventure worth it, regardless of the Bowsers Minions enhancements? We assume so, keep reading to discover why!


If you had the chance to play Mario & Luigi back in 2003, and also once more in 2017, you will not locate a great deal has changed in regards to the story. You will certainly still go to the Bean Kingdom with your not likely ally Bowser, attempting to reclaim Peach's taken voice. The locations you will explore are the same, the personalities you interact with are the same, and also the video game plays out in the exact very same means. In regards to tale informing, absolutely nothing has actually altered.

Graphical Enhancements

If you’ve played the last few Mario & Luigi titles on Nintendo 3DS, you know that Nintendo has come a long way since the graphics of the Gameboy Advanced. Major graphical improvements have been made to Superstar Sega, and while some media are claiming the spirtes of the Advanced version added to the charm, I still believe Mario & Luigi stands on its own here, with improved, 3D graphics.

Utilizing the 3DS: User Interface Improvements 

Like I’ve noted, the gameplay of Mario and Luigi superstar saga 3ds has not really changed. Mario still jumps and interacts with A, and Luigi, B. The formula which was established in the early 2000s is still working really well today, so why change what isn’t broke.


 It’s been 14 years since the release of Mario & Luigi Superstar Sega, and we still highly recommend playing through it today. The story and writing still hold up really well, and the gameplay improvements actually heighten the experience for gamers in 2017. Whether you have played this title in the past before, or not, grab it up today at retail or on the Nintendo eShop! Regardless of the addition of Bowsers Minions, we have no reservations about recommending this all on its own, with a solid 9.0/10!


Format: Cia
Region : EUR

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