Saturday, March 7, 2020

How To Install .CIA Games On 3DS/New 3DS, 2DS/New 2DS XL

How To Install .CIA Games

A CIA file is a CTR import archive used to install game content on a portable Nintendo 3DS console. It contains the game content in this guide, you learn how to install a .cia format game on your 3ds

what you need

  • 3ds with custom firmware
  • game in .CIA format
  • SD card reader

    How To Install .CIA Games

    prepare your CIA game
    • so the first thing we're going to do is turn off the 3ds
    • take out your SD card and put in the computer
    • locate your SD card
    • locate your SD card
    • double click on it
    • you should see a folder called CIA ( if you don't see a folder called CIA create a new folder right now and name the CIA )
    • open the CIA folder and leave it open
    • locate the game you want
    • transfer your CIA game to your CIA folder on your 3ds SD card ok once your transfer is complete you should see your CIA game in your CIA folder on your 3ds SD card once you are finished putting your CIA game on your SD card, you can quit take your SD card out of your computer and put it back in your Nintendo 3ds
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    Install .CIA Games with FBI
    • open the FBI app now
    • Click on the first option at the top
    • go to the CIA game you want to install
    • choose install and remove CIA then click then Click again and let it install ok that's it
    • you can just press the home button the game will be on your home screen, you can close the FBI, can just click on it to start it properly then everything should have worked.

    you can also install several games at the same time
    we choose the first installation option if we put several files in the CIA folder for download more games in CIA format go to the home page of our site and choose what you want in CIA or click here


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