Thursday, March 5, 2020

3ds to CIA Converter - How To Convert 3ds To Cia - 3dscia

3ds-to-CIA,3ds to cia

today we're gonna learn how to convert 3ds files into.CIA files so that you can be able to install them with FBI on your 3ds.

How To Convert 3ds To Cia

First Stepe ( Copy Files in Sd Card ) so we will first take our 3ds files from the computer and paste them into our card in godmode9 then in the "in" folder.
so here you can see that over there that copying and once they are done. you can just remove the SD card from the computer and insert it directly into the 3ds which we are about to do here, and just a reminder that you must have godmode9 already configured to be able to do it with your 3ds.
otherwise, it will not work and to start it on godmode9.

2nd step we will hold the start button and press the power button
but this 3ds has a button is very hard
  • pressing with great force but once we are in the godmode9
  • press the home button to display the menu
  • scroll to ba
  • press scripts
  • go to the gm9 script
  • you will go all the way down to launch a missile it is right above me to enter

3ds to CIA

  • descend to the missile
  • then you will see the option on the right
  • 3ds to CIA converter
  • will select the .3ds file you want to convert
  • then you sit and wait
  • put this on a stand and keep working
    3ds to CIA
  • successfully converted to godmode9
  • so we're gonna press the button to go there
  • Press the B button
  • all the way back
  • exit
  • reboot the 3ds

install .cia with FBI
3ds to CIA

  • when your 3d is successfully started, launch the FBI now, we will navigate to the SD card
  • will go down to gm9 press A to enter
  • take out the file and you can see the one we just converted.
  • Press A button
  • install and remove the CIA says after installing it
  • let her do her thing here

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