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3DS CIA Luigi's Mansion 2-EUR-Multi5-Free

3DS CIA Luigi's Mansion 2

Luigi's Mansion 2 is an action/adventure game on 3DS. Luigi leaves for the Valley of Shadows after the flight of the black moon by King Boo. You have to capture different ghosts and explore as many rooms as possible to discover all the secrets hidden in this dismal place. The multi allows you to climb a tower with four players in three different modes.


Luigi's Mansion 2 may be a sequel, but it's one that shows Nintendo its most famous invention as Luigi's mansion dark moon in the United States, whirling exploration and ghost hunting in sprawling spooky mansions. with ruined chevrons with Spectras secrets and hidden money it's a beautiful comic surprisingly varied adventure that appeals to your heart with its playful characterization, and your mind with its intelligent difficult nature you may remember the scary childish teacher egad from the original Luigi's Mansion, it spent the past 12 years as a paranormal searcher but his subjects go a little mind when the black moon is broken and GAD calls on his old friend Luigi to restore the unhappy burbling order and reluctantly heroic Luigi is the perfect star for the scary adventure slapstick it's the little details that really bring him to life his bumbling running his perpetually curled up the way he hums.
nervously with themed music ghosts also give off personality their movement their eccentric behavior and their reactions to the presence of Luigi look through windows and cracks walls you can spy them cackling luckily while they run there is a huge
animation talent exhibited here Luigi
Mansion 2 is perfectly presented with
exceptional attention to detail
the mansions are like living dioramas with
tiny abnormal details that catch your eye
to potential secrets like Super Mario 3d
Land is one of the few 3ds games
was really designed for a 3D effect
and pushing the cursor up attracts you
deeper into his miniature world

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Format: CIA

Plateforme : Nintendo 3DS

Lang :   Francais   / Anglais  /  Allemand   / Italien   / Espagnol   

 Sub: Francais  / Anglais  / Allemand   / Italien  / Espagnol   

Région : EURO

1 x 864 Mo

 864 Mo

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