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KIRBY BATTLE ROYALE 3DS  is entering a tournament against his toughest rival yet…himself! 1-4 players can fight in local* or online** battles. Pick from 10+ abilities and 10 battle types to compete in countless matchups. Hoard treasure in Ore Express, knock out opponents in Slam Hockey, shoot missiles at Robo Bonkers, and more! There's a single-player story mode too!As you uncover King Dedede's nefarious plan, you'll unlock abilities and battle types in the Cake Royale tournament. In this competition, you’ll learn the basics of battle while earning Boost Orbs that power up Kirby, as well as nostalgic headgear to wear in other modes, and even a new playable character. Then dive into battle! 4 players can enjoy battling together via local wireless*, Online Ranked mode, or with Download Play. Compete in 2-on-2 or Free-For-All battles. May the last Kirby standing win!


KIRBY BATTLE ROYALE 3DS is a fighter computer game played mainly from a top-down viewpoint. Players control the collection' titular protagonist Kirby and have to battle versus various other variations of himself in an arena. The video game includes a single-player tale campaign along with cooperative play and multiplayer fight modes that are offered to play in your area and online.

Game Modes There are a total of 10 Game Modes, plus "The Cake Royale" story mode.
  • The Cake Royale: Dedede established a mystical event loaded with Kirby duplicates. Kirby hammer out, playing various game modes through five "leagues.".
  • Battle Field: The player must defeat all of the challengers and be the last one standing.
  • Apple Shuffle: Players split right into two teams as well as need to accumulate more apples than the opponent.
  • Coin Clash: Players need to accumulate one of the most coins in the set time frame while staying clear of a coin-stealing ghost.
  • Strike Riders: Gamers should accumulate "chips" by striking various other players. Makers show up at times, as well as attacking while on it results in the gamer obtaining additional chips.
  • Crazy Theater: Gamers need to get rid of a certain job before the challengers, consisting of tasks like "carry X apples" as well as "Prevent the [bomb] blast.".
  • Rocket Rumble: Players accumulate dices as well as attempt and get them in their ships. The even more cubes, the greater the rocket goes. To win, the gamer has to fly the highest possible.
  • Robo Bonkers: Players have to strike a robotic version of Bonkers. To win, they should deal one of the most damage.
  • Bang Hockey: The players need to attack a large hockey puck and knock it at the challengers to rating.
  • Ore Express: Gamers need to accumulate treasures as well as throw them in a passing train. The player that gathers the most treasures success.
  • Flag Ball: The gamer throws a ball at their flag to score, however the opposing group can carry the flag and attack the gamer. The group that scores 7 goals first wins.

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